Participatory Ergonomics Toolkit

About the PE Toolkit

Participatory Ergonomics (PE) is an approach that has been designed for overcoming the challenges to ergonomic intervention to deal with work-related musculo-skeletal disorders (WSMD) in small and medium-sized firms, especially those in remote and rural locations. PE harnesses employee (worker and management) knowledge of organizational, physical, social, and psychological factors associated with injury by promoting their engagement in the design and implementation of ergonomic interventions.

SafetyNet designed a toolkit to help workplaces implement PE interventions that use an Ergo-Team approach. The toolkit was developed through work by SafetyNet researchers and graduate students in 5 plants in NL and on in Montreal over the period 2008-2011. The toolkit, A Team Approach: How to Implement an Ergo-Team Approach to Participatory Ergonomics includes a promotional video, a written guide, and a training workbook for Ergo-Team members.

The Toolkit is a working document -- we invite those who use it to provide feedback on what works and problems.

Contact the SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Research if you would like more information.


Participatory Ergonomics

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